Amherstburg Ferry Company

Amherstburg Ferry Company

Microsoft Word - Ferry Posters 11x17.docBob-Lo Island may be an island but the shores will never limit you. For just across the channel on the mainland in Amherstburg, a quaint, colonial town awaits you. Your Journey of discovery begins in Amherstburg with a 4 minute ferry ride aboard the Ste. Claire V, a 16-car private ferry operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Amherstburg Ferry Company employs highly specialized and professional Captains to operate and supervise the ferry and crew, while transportingpassengers and cargo on sheltered waters with voyages between Amherstburg Ferry Terminal and Bob-Lo Island Terminal. The Captain maintains a 20 minute schedule, oversees loading and unloading procedures on the ship and supervises and co-ordinates the activities of the Deck Crew. Deckhands are on duty to assist the Captain with safe navigation to Bob-Lo Island throughout the week and aim to make your journey an enjoyable memory.

Our extremely dedicated and focused crew members boast an exceptional sailing history across the Lake Erie shipping channel. The Amherstburg Ferry Company employees Chief Engineers, Master Captains, Chief Mates, Restricted Engineers and Deckhands. All of which have been duly trained and certified by the Ministry of Transport Canada.

All employees are certified in Marine Emergency duties and have completed Marine First Aid–CPR courses. Our crew members possess exceptional leadership and  concentration skills, are extremely focused, have particularly good judgment skills, as well as great communication skills and have an exceptional ability to work as an effective team.

Bob-Lo Island Ferry Service Rules & Guidelines
1) Bob-Lo Island’s Ferry Service runs every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
2) Guest lane is to the right hand side of the drive entry on the mainland dock.
3) Resident lane is to the left hand side of the drive entry on the mainland dock.
4) Construction, delivery and/or other vehicle traffic, must enter through the north side drive entry.
5) Passengers are not permitted in the Wheelhouse. Only Captains and Deckhand Access.
6) Please drive onto ferry as directed by the deckhand and follow their instruction.
7) Please remain in your vehicle at all times. You may certainly open your windows and enjoy the view!
8) Please put your vehicle in park and apply emergency brake.
9) Please turn your vehicle ignition off and keep your foot on brake.

Enjoy your ride to the island!

Ferry Fleet:

Ste Claire V – Main ferry operating 24 hours as per schedule above
Columbia – Back up ferry to be used at mainland dock
Tug – On standby for emergency use

Phone Number – Ferry Captain On Duty – 519 791 5747